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Much of the country is ringed with mountains. In the northeast is the Ardennes Plateau, which extends into Belgium and Luxembourg; to the east are the Vosges, the high Alps , and the Jura Mountains; and along the Spanish border are the Pyrenees , much like the Alps in ruggedness and height. The core of France is the Paris Basin, connected in the southwest with the lowland of Aquitaine. Low hills cover much of Brittany and Normandy. The old, worn-down upland of the Massif Central, topped by extinct volcanoes, occupies the south-central area.

The Loire valley also suffered, while in the south an exceptionally dry summer accelerated maturation but resulted in smaller grapes that are expected to yield a memorable vintage.

Winemakers in parts of the southeast have begun harvesting the grapes, about two weeks earlier than usual.

Some losses are also anticipated in the Burgundy region, where the grapes have been repeatedly hit by hail in recent years.

In the five years to 2016, hail knocked out as much as 50 percent of Burgundy's harvest, according to the Global Wine Risk Index.

A variety of strategies have been used to try to limit frost damage. Wind machines are also used to keep frost from setting in, while water sprinklers allow a fine coating of ice to form on vines that act as mini-igloos and keep them from freezing through.

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Job dating bordeaux 18 septembre

Job dating bordeaux 18 septembre